Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nigel & Sian - Turn it up

Two more songs added, and now about to head off to Sian again. The first is already on my blog, the second may get added later.
If I said "mediæval music" what would you think of?
Maybe some wonderfully harmonised choral pieces by the Mediæval Bæbes?
Or folksy type ballads by Blackmore's Night?
Perhaps you went for sacred choral chants sung by hooded monks.
All very wonderful music, and quiet relaxing in their own way.
Turn It Up! isn't about relaxing music, it's about volume!*
Allow me to introduce Corvus Corax, a German group of very talented musicians who are the mediæval equivalent of heavy metal.
Whilst the Bæbes and co were trying out for "Britannia haveth talent",
Corvus would have been headlining "Ye Olde Download Feftival".

Turn it up, and enjoy!

and a clip of a live performance (keep still if you can).


The second song is by another German group, but much different.
The track is  "91 meter" by KoKoMo.

It's 7½ minutes of heavy, brooding, guitar driven, instrumental; from the genre known as post-Rock.
You'll either love it or hate it :)


  1. The medieval dudes sound like Rammstein! :) awesome. The live clip looks like a lot of fun too.

    Cool pages.

  2. I like the kokomo track reminds me of a cross between rammstein and my fav black sabbath and a bit of rainbow thrown in for good measure

  3. I have to admit to liking both tracks. I'm a sucker for guitars and rocky bagpipes. Great pages.

  4. Love your journal page, wasnt so keen on the first track, but liked the KoKoMo one! (I prefer the Medieval Babes!!!)