Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lou's Finished Altered Sardine Tin - Christmas theme.

Hi everyone, Sherry here.
This is how Lou's sardine tin arrived from Sonja.
It's lovely, the Father Christmas at the front really gave
the whole thing dimension.
I added three elements to the tin:
~ a string hanger at the top which can't 
really be seen in the photo.  Sonja had added
string / twine all around the tin, so the hanger 
seemed in keeping with that.
~ a star shaped bead hanging inside
~  Some foliage on the corner which extends
to the back of the tin too.  It's die cut from 
Tim Holtz' Tattered Pinecone Bigz die
from Kraft-Core paper stuck onto Grunge Board and 
distressed with sand paper. 
(The back foliage is just from the Kraft-Core Paper)
 I didn't know whether to add any more to the back
or the sides, but as it had a lovely finish already
decided to leave it as it was.

It's now on it's way to Lou - sent today by Recorded Delivery.

I really enjoyed this project and it'll be interesting seeing how
all the altered tins turned out.


  1. It looks fab. Yours is ready to go but the light has been rubbish this week for a photo so that's tomorrows project. I'll post it Tuesday. Mine came home today and it's just stunning. I loved doing this project.

  2. Looking forward to getting this wee tin back, it looks fantastic.

    I'll post pics tomorrow of what I sent to Sonia now that its home.

    I've really enjoyed this project, hopefully we can do a few more in 2013 :)

  3. This looks beautiful, love the star bead you added x