Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Psychodiva's Altered Sardine Can

This is how it arrived, with the crow unattached so I could add it wherever.

And the finished piece:

I must confess I was a little stumped, but thanks for Google!!  I clicked on Crow Animal Spirit, and all results referred to the Crow being "The Guardian of the Void", so the key seemed appropriate.  As I researched the Crow in the Animal Spirit World, the North American Indians refer to Crow Magik & Medicine, I'll not give too much away you can do your own googling, but these results lead to symbols for medicine  hence the staff with entwined serpents and wings aka The Caduceas, which was placed behind the Crow.  I added a painted plastic bottle top as the stand.

I love these kind of projects, you learn so much when you do the research for them and I become quite attached to the finished results.

Apologises for the photos, I just couldn't get the lighting right..


  1. The lighting is just a pest just now. Another great tin. I really enjoyed the Christmas one. This looks so interesting and layered.

  2. Looks fantastic! Mean and moody :)