Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So - what's this new blog all about?

Hi - my name is Sarah but most of you out there in arts & crafts land would know me better as Flo

And those of you who do know me already will be aware that I am a keen advocate of all things collaborative - circle journals are my particular passion, and I also enjoy arty swaps of many other kinds

To me, art collaborations are the bees knees because:
  • you get to see other people's work up close and personal - such an inspiration!  it's so much better than seeing photos on the screen - and you even get to keep some of it
  • you have deadlines to work to which gives the perfect incentive (and excuse, if you need one) to get creating
  • working to a theme or rules set by somebody else will force you out of your comfort zone and that's when the true creativity begins
  • it's useful to get feedback on your own work from your peers, and also be influenced by them into trying new techniques or materials 
  • sharing the creative process is a great way to make friends :)

But why the need for a new blog when there are already plenty of internet forums and sites which bring people together for these kinds of projects?

Quite simply because I haven't yet found a UK based site which gives me everything I want from this kind of collaborative community - namely a solid group of reliable participants, all of whom will put the effort in and produce quality work, and not mess everyone else around, go quiet, go AWOL, etc.  

My hope is that this site will become just that.

It won't be my site - it will be ours (that's assuming anyone else wants to join :D ) - everyone who signs up will become a co-author of the blog (if they want to) and can suggest or host projects.  

Please see the FAQ for more details - and I do hope you'll join me, as a community with one member isn't going to manage much on the collaboration front :)

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