Thursday, 12 April 2012

Always Open: Mail Art trail

So here it is – the first Collabor-ART swap – and it’s a nice simple one that you can dip in and out of whenever you fancy

To take part, simply edit this post and add your name to the list below, along with the date you sign up:

1. Sarah (Flo) (12th April 2012) - received from Lorraine and Shirley / posted to Nigel
2. Nigel (13/04/12) - posted / received
3. Irene (13th April) - received / posted to Siân
4. Sian (15th April 2012) - received / posted to Lorraine
5. Lorraine (16th April) posted
6. Shirley (17th April 2012) - received-/posted to Sarah and Virginia
7.Virginia (19th April 2012) - received/posted to Nigel
8 Nigel (20th April). - posted/received
9. 3djean (20thApril) - received from nigel
10.Sarah (Flo) (23rd April) - posted & received from Jean
11.pat (24th April)-received - posted to Shirley
12.Shirley (25th April) - received - posted to Lou (Poshscot)
13. Poshscot (26th April) posted - received from Shirley
14. Lorraine 26th April posted & recieved from Lou
15. Virginia (28th April) - received from Lorraine/posted to Sherry
16. Sherry (30th April) - received / posted to Sarah
17. Sarah (Flo) (3rd May) - received from Sherry / posted to Vicki
18.Vicki (3rd May) - received from Flo/ posted to Shirley
19. Shirley (4th May) - Posted to Pat/received from Vicki
20. Pat (16th May) - Received from Shirley/posted to Virginia
21. Virginia (17th May) Received from Pat/ posted 25 May sent another because the first appears to have got lost in the post - fingers crossed this one lands where it should!
22. Sarah (Flo) (24th May) - received from Virginia 18/6, posted to Vicki 11th August (sorry it took me so long!)
23.Vicki (02 July) received from Sarah!/ Posted to Virginia (finally - sorry about the delay) 20Aug.
24. Virginia (7 July)
25. Sonja (10th August)Received from Virginia 6/9/12. Sent to Sarah 21/9/12
26. Sarah (Flo) - 31st August - received from Sonja 22/9, posted to Karen 23/9
27. Karen - 7th September - received from Sarah 25/09/12 posted to Pam 23/10
28.Psychodiva - 9th September
29. Vicki - (12th September) posted 20.10.12/received 24.10.12
30. donnalouiserodgers(12th Sept)posted 20112012 Received 24th Oct
31. Jez (12th September) posted 1/10
32.Clare (16th Sept) received from Jez 3/10/12, Posted to Lorraine 8/10/12
33.Lorraine (16th Sept) posted today sorry its late
34. Sarah (Flo) (23rd September) - received from Lorraine, sent to Jean
35.Jean (26th sept) - received from Flo
36.Clare (10th Oct)
37. Jez (11 Oct) - posted to Sarah 9th November
38. Sarah (Flo) (18th Oct) - received from Jez 13/11; posted to Donna 19/11
39. Donna louise rodgers ( 24th Oct) - posted to Karen 1st Nov- received from Sarah 20/11/2012
40. Karen (24th October) - Karen mailed me to say it has arrived
41 Sonja(28th Oct). Sent to Vicki 8/12/12. Sorry for the delay. Got a card from Karen 6/2/13 It's fab.
42.Vicki (8th Nov) rec'd from Sonja! TY Sent to Rebecca 27/2/13
43. Rebecca (23 January 2013) Sent to Sonja 5 February. Received from Vicki 4 March.
44. Sonja (23/1/13) Rebecca's card arrived 7/2/13. Sent to Pam 15/2/13.
45. Pam / Psychodiva (1st Feb 2013)
46. Sarah (Flo) - 8th Feb - received from Pam and posted to Donna
47.donnalouiserodgers(21st feb) Posted to Sarah x2 4th March
48.Sarah again :) 21st Feb - received from Donna (via Scotland :) ) and posted to Virginia 13th March
49. Virginia (not joined in this one for ages) received from Sarah
50.Kyla (10/03/13) - first time I have joined :-) (received from Virginia 31/03/13)
51. Sonja (31/3/13) Received from Kyla 4/4/13
52. I haven't joined the trail in too long - Sarah 1/6/13, sent to Virginia Feb 2014 (sorry it took me so long!)
53. I too haven't joined in the trail for a while Virginia 15/11/13 sent to Vicki (very late sorry), 4/2/2014 Received from Sarah!
54.Vicki (15.11.13) (received from Virginia! TY)

(or if you don't know how to edit the post, just drop me an email and I'll add you you to the list, not a problem)

You will then receive a handmade postcard through the mail from the person above you on the list.

And when the next person signs up, it’s your turn to send them a handmade postcard.

It’s as simple as that. And you can join in as many times as you like.

The postcard can be any size and shape, and made in any technique (a painting, a collage, a mini quilt with card backing, I’ve even seen knitted postcards – anything goes as long as it isn’t likely to disintegrate en route or run too badly if it gets wet :) ).

Only two hard and fast rules:

You should send your card “naked” through the post rather than in a covering envelope – part of the fun of mail art is imagining the reactions of the various postal employees who handle it on its journey :) Don’t worry about it maybe picking up some marks or dents along the way, that will just add character ;)


Please post your card within one month of the person below you adding their name

Oh, and one optional rule :) :

If you get a chance, please upload photos of the cards you receive here on the blog – just create a new blog post tagged ‘Mail Art trail’ (or if you don't fancy setting up blog posts yourself, send the photo(s) to me by email and I'll do it for you). And at the same time please edit the yellow list on this post to say that you have received your card.


Let the trail begin!


  1. looks like I'd better get postcard making :)

  2. ooh I've got someone :)

  3. Another tempting one. Think I need to make something then join the list or I'll end up not making something in time. I may be some time....

  4. I will be posting some Mail Art tomorrow, I really enjoyed doing something completely new to me.

  5. I'm itching to do another one, but it feel greedy to have Sarah send me another one.

  6. Sorry it's taken me so long Vicki - the Index Card A Day thing completely drained me of postcard making mojo! Total slacker that I am :) Your postcard is ready I will write it tonight and post it tomorrow.

  7. Yippee I managed to edit the post. When I first opened it I nearly ran for the hills as I don't blog in that format but I got there I think.

  8. oo I will get onto this as soon as I get back from gay Paris :D

  9. Ive signed up, this might give me something to do while waiting for a partner for my pairs journal :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. oooh I need to get creating for Lorraine :)

  12. Thought I had sorted out how to edit but now can't sort it out. I was going to add that I have posted my mail art to Clare today.

  13. I have updated my entry, and added myself to the bottom again, hope thats ok. Think this mail art thing could get a bit addictive...

  14. I keep trying to edit to say I posted my card to you on 9th November, but a notice comes up from Blogger saying it can't do it. I'll try to get it sorted but until then perhaps you would be kind enough to do it for me. Thanks.

  15. all done Jez, and that has reminded me I STILL haven't sent my card to Donna! must get to that this weekend.....

  16. (PS hopefully that means that your card will be on my doormat tonight when I get home from work, fingers crossed)

  17. Incommmingggggg....will post the mail a r t the MINUTE it arrives... ha ha ha...I have this plan to get my postie to hold it for me.....whilst I do arty farty camera shot.....


  18. I'm just hoping it arrives in one piece .... was pouring when I posted it, if it gets wet it might run. or disintegrate. good luck little postcard!