Monday, 16 April 2012


hey all, I’m Vicki, known in some circles as biskit.
I have a blog, two cats, two kids and a husband. We all live in East Riding.
I have discovered pink and a love for it, but do not suggest I wear it, I can only handle pink paint or ink.
I started out life studying art, then “got a proper job”. Then left the “proper job” and became a Mum. The youngest child in the house is now at school (hurrah!) and I am not a housewife, by any stretch of the imagination.  Didn’t want get “a proper job” again, so played the “if you could do anything?” game about 18 months ago and just under 12 months ago set up my own emporium “a sprinkle of imagination”, the realisation of a childhood dream. …or just an excuse to buy LOTS of  art & craft materials…hmmmm.
Along the way I have dabbled in most art forms but I love to draw, paint (mainly my hair, nose and jeans), make jewellery, dabble in silver art clay, scrapbook and keep art journals. Mostly I want more time to be creative.
So here are a few of my more recent  pieces to share with you.
silver clay ring
silver clay bead
recent page in my art journal

beginnings of a drawing in one of my journals
and one last journal page.
(was that a British enough intro…?)


  1. Your work always inspires me Vicki and your 'Emporium' is a temptation to my credit card every time I visit it!

  2. Beautiful work, I adore that ring! Love your shop too although I cant visit too often, you have too much stuff that jumps in my basket!

  3. Thank you ladies. Anyway - a little temptation is good for you! ;-)

  4. hello Vicki..nice journal pages

  5. Blame the wobbly shelves Sam :D
    Hi Vicki, great to see you here!

  6. very British, stiff upper lip what what! :)

    your silver clay jewellery is gorge! as is everything else, welcome aboard!

  7. Oh wow - lovely things - loving your silver work it's awesome

  8. Hi Vicki
    Think we have come across one another along the line.... Love your beautifull silver work, and your journal pages