Saturday, 28 April 2012


Morning all, I couldn't fathom out whether it would be the person who created the mail art or the recipient that would post on here, so I've trawled back through and realised that Sarah had posted Shirley's mail art that she received, so apologies for the delay!

This gorgeous piece of art dropped through my door this week, I love it, what the photo doesn't show is all the awesome textures and the depth of colours in amongst the art.

So a massive thank you Shirley for distracting me from the normal envelopes that drop through the door containing bills and providing me with a gorgeous piece of art which is now sat on my crafting table for inspiration!


  1. this is a fantastic piece of art..really like all the paint layers

  2. ooooh that's luvverly :)

    either the sender or recipient can post the photo, but I think it's nice for the recipient to have a surprise so I tend to leave it for them to do.....

  3. Just lovely. I know what you mean - I nevr can get a photo to show art in all it's gorgeousness so can only imagine what this must be like up close Virginia :)

  4. Glad you love it Virginia. :-)
    I am really enjoying the whole Mail Art experience and will be popping my name on the list quite often I think!
    I will be doing the same as Sarah and leaving my postcards for the recipient to post on here, hopefully they will get a nice surprise when it pops through their letterbox.

  5. PS I've updated the mail art trail post to show that you have received, Virginia

  6. Ah thanks Sarah - I was just coming on here to do the same and Shirley I agree I think I'll be adding my name quite frequently on this one too!