Sunday, 15 April 2012

Introducing myself

My name is Sue and I like to make things!
I like mixed media, altered art, art journalling, assemblage and book making.
I like skulls, skeletons and Hallowe'en.
I don't do cute and I don't do pastels.
I am an Alice in Wonderland fan.
I can't work without black......but I do use it with yellow and pink occasionally:)
I love lettering and alphabets.
I like stencils and find spray inks hard to use.
I like things on the slightly dark and weird side:)
 I also like to travel, read, cook and garden!
You can find my blog HERE


  1. Oh fabulous post, loving getting to know everyone!

  2. You sound like my kinda person :D

  3. hello sue like that book cover

  4. Sue loving your work as always.

  5. Really great stuff Sue, can't wait to collabor-art!