Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mail Art Trail

Hello have finished some of my mail art cards that am hoping to post tomorrow. These started out as acrylic paintings but then decided to cut the canvas paper up and make cards out of them..have added collagey bits, sewing and a thin layer of wax over them. Really liked making these for a change and hope the recipient likes them too:) Looking forward to seeing everyone elses mail this idea


  1. these are absolutely gorgeous Lorraine!

  2. They are fabulous Lorraine and I am on the list below you, lucky me.X
    Looking forward to my one coming through the letterbox. Ü

  3. Gorgeous!
    I best pop myself on the list I guess!

  4. My lovely postcard arrived in pristine condition.
    Thanks so much Lorraine, it is the first one of many I hope to receive.

  5. the one on the right landed on MY lucky doormat this morning! thank you Lorraine!! :) love it