Friday, 13 April 2012

Errr..... Hello?

Well, I'm here so I'd best introduce myself.

I'm Nigel, but I've been using Freebird as a nick since long before t'interweb thingie (anybody else remember CB radio?). There are some people who call me "Free" in Real Life™, but actually I'm not free, just cheap.

I really didn't like art at school, I dropped it as soon as I could because I just wasn't creatively inclined, maths/science was much easier.

Fast forward a few many years, and I found myself single again and with time on my hands, so decided to try making some earrings as presents for the girls and found I quite enjoyed it. Before I knew it I was making cards, scrap-booking, had joined a forum, and it was all downhill from there.

Over the past 5 years I've dabbled in all sorts of creative stuff and haven't found a medium I don't like (yet). My current passion is journalling, but I'm also experimenting with canvases, paints, beeswax and various other ideas. I don't think I have a style, I think I'm a bit random, but others disagree - I'll let you make your own mind up. Sometimes I can get a bit deep with my work, but you're just as likely to find something daft coming out.

You'll find my blog here if you want to see what I come up with, but some of my favourite pieces are below.

"Autumn" Altered book, the first in a series of four
Distressed canvas

Preface to Blake's "Milton".
Who needs digital to merge images when you have PVA :)

Applies to me too :)

Thanks for looking, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this idea goes. And before I forget, a big thank you to Sarah for organising it.


  1. welcome! :) I hope you have fun here :)

  2. Nice to meet you! I enjoyed looking at your blog, I like your style!

  3. Great to meet you and I love your work and blog.

  4. Nce to meet you! When I was 3 my handle was bunny girl- mum and dad were cb enthusiasts :)
    She was sapphire queen, he was something odd that I can't quite remember - party moose or some such!
    Anyway, look forward to arting with you!