Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Introducing ~ Sharon

Introducing ~ Sharon
Waves to those who know me.......... And hello to those that don’t My name is Sharon, and my scrapping name is MAGPIE.

Not sure where to begin as writing about myself freaks me out

But I will sure try to give it a go.

I work full time in a motor company in accounts, and do my husband’s bookwork for him. So my crafting time is very precious I love to see what everyone else is doing and feel sure we each inspire one another.

I am married to a very understanding husband who really loves me to craft, even to the extent of giving the odd idea.

My blog has been left behind of late (Life gets in the way) I must start putting bits and bobs on again..

I have done soft furnishing, followed quilting which I still love to do but takes forever,  machine embroidery, cards, scrapbook pages, mixed media arts, messing with paints, beading, knitting.. the list goes on,

I love to do metal work, and above all making something from nothing. Then came  journaling which is a little out of the comfort zone but fun........ and I keep having a go.. 



  1. Yay, you got in :)

    welcome aboard Sharon, have really enjoyed swapping with you in the past and here's to more of the same :)

  2. Helo Sharon..great art particularly like that quilt

  3. Waves to you Sharon, lovely to read your intro, looking forward to getting to know you more, strangely enough I work in accounts for a Charity - it must be something about book keeping that makes you need to craft at the end of a day!

  4. Loveing your metal work.
    Great to 'meet' you.

  5. Beautiful art, I adore that box.