Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Introducing: Donna Louise Rodgers

I make things, i do things, you may know me as 'Doings of Doone'

I like working in three dimensions and will often have a clay or salt dough figure in some partial stage of making.....

I do crazy mixed media art - on all scales,
 the love of my life is portraiture, every week I do life class, In class we work to the discipline of a single medium, I love faces, I love making faces,
So most of my mixed media work will feature some kind of face, my second love is books - making them, altering them, reading them,

I love sharing and hope to swap lots of art with you all, I am really looking forward to being an active part of this group.

I really enjoy journalling and making small pieces of mixed media nonsense I hope when you open something from me I can make you go 'wow'

lastly - and it's not every one's cup of tea, I make videos - so you can see me in full crazy life....( here's one of the book I made for Darcy)

thanks for making part of the group,


  1. Welcome aboard Donna, really happy to have you join our merry band :)

    Love the video and the book you made for Darcy

  2. Lovely to see you here Donna, gorgeous artwork all round! Love the video and the book - awesome stuff

  3. great art Donna (and the singing's not too bad)

  4. Welcome Donna, I have been cruising around your blog and your artwork is amazing, loved your shrine to you.

  5. brilliant posts, donna! you're one multi-talented lady :)
    and thank you for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment - i'm adding you to my blog list, if that's ok, so i can check out more of your stunning creations :)

  6. Great Art and talent !
    thanks for passing by x

  7. love that little book and the portrait

  8. hiya missus, glad you joined up. xxx

    I love my book x

  9. Yay! So happy to see you on here Donna :D

  10. Love your 'wow' ethos, off to watch the vid - welcome! x