Friday, 27 April 2012

Pair Journal - Sue & Sami

 I made a start on my journal today..............

 I am using a school exercise book.............when I was at school we had to cover our exercise books so I used a sheet of paper off the pad I work on to cover my book....

 I put my name inside................

and I made a page to start with......does it need anything more or is it done?? 
Over to you Sam!

Thanks Sue!

Well I have made a start!
I made the journal as I couldn't find anything suitable. I used a piece of canvas for the cover and painted and sprayed it. Inside is about 30 pages of cartridge paper.

 Here is the first page (sorry the photos are a bit blurry). I used bits of let over canvas to stamp the letters on.
Here is the second page with room for stuff to be added if you fancy?!
I really wanted to get another page done before I send it off but am busy all weekend, let me know when you want to post!
Sam x


  1. I remember having to cover my school books too..I made a start on my journal today too!

  2. I think its great love the pics on there.. Tweedle dee and tweedle dum are my fave. The Cheshire cat has a perfect smile. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) #80

  3. I totally forgot about covering our school books.....Thanks for the memory.


  4. Wow, lovely Art Journal and pages! I'm impressed. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and I'm glad you like my knitting - actually I can see deficiencies in the tension but they will even out once it's blocked, I hope. It progresses slowly but surely.

    Happy WOYWW,

    Shoshi #90

  5. Love the way you have used he exercise book and it certainly brought back memories of school book covering.
    I still enjoy using a new book for the first time!
    Great Alice pages, I must get organised with some photos of my book.

  6. Now there's a surprise, A is for Alice :D

    It's brilliant, actually looks like a school book should. Not sure you'll get a gold star with all those ink blots though!

  7. It looks fab Sue, cant wait to see it in the flesh! I think I am going to be to scared to add anything to your pages, I dont want to mess them up!!! I have made the journal and done the first page and one other. I will take photos and post on here hopefully tomorrow. x

  8. looking great - and will be exciting to see the progress

  9. Ohhh looks FAB! Can't wait to see it in person and get working in it:)
    Ready when you are!

  10. Sam those pages are brilliant. Really looking forward to seeing both journals develop over the coming months.

  11. Oh that's lovely! Going to make a start on mine this weekend

  12. What a great start to both journals, the pages are looking fantastic. Looking forward to seeing future pages.

  13. love the journal and it has your style all over it Sam..great use of colour as always

  14. these two journals are looking amazing! Sam I hope you will get past your fear of interacting with Sue's pages, as that's half the fun :)

  15. Oh my goodness these are both so lush and so different. Can't wait to watch these progress!