Friday, 20 April 2012


Today I went shopping to get "something" to use for my pairs journal........I found these cool school exercise books and then this hard backed journal that I just had to have because of the cover:) 
I also bought some more alphabet rub-ons that I seem to be obsessed with at the min!
 Easily amused I am:)


  1. Funky! I've seen the rest of the range at our local garden centre, but not notebooks!
    The Works have some A4 notebooks with grungy covers and phrases on, will try to find a pic!

  2. That journal cover is fabulous :D Wouldn't have been able to resist either :)

  3. Can't find the ones I meant, but if you search large notebook and large Paris on the works website there are some lovely covers to be ripped off and fiddled with!

  4. Love that green one! You did better than me for finding journals, I ended up making mine!

  5. These look like they will be great fun to use.

  6. I'm loving what you have been doing recently with those sheets of rubons Sue! I might well be looking to steal that idea :) if you don't mind of course.

    1. an interesting selection - always good for inspiration

  7. ...and I blame you for me buying a stack of alphabet rub-on's today. I love how you've been using them and I have a page in my journal that "needs something". Having said that it's had about six coats of gesso on trying to work out what that "something" it needs is.