Sunday, 15 April 2012

Introducing Darcy

hi, I am 42 and live in the North East, fairly near the coast. I live with my partner and we have a 23 year old son.

I have been crafting forever, first starting with knitting and hand embroidery, moving onto machine embroidery and then onto papercrafts. I am one of those 'jack of all trades,master of none.
I am currently doing the 'Life Book' online course, run by Willowing..

I also love making dolls...the weirder the better..

I love drawing and painting and generally just messing about. For me , art is all about the 'process' rather than the 'end product'

As with most crafters, I am also a hoarder and stroker of 'stuff'...

My favourite supplies to use are my promarkers, neocolor crayons,alphabet stamps,stencils and gesso. I hate yellow with a passion, it is the colour of bad and wrong lol...

I am also having an undying love affair with Basic Grey, which is not for using...just for stroking.

My other love is cakes, I make great cupcakes. However due to an excess of cakey bakeyness I am now having to go to the gym...a lot.


  1. Oh I love everything you do Darcy but especially when you do zombie dolls!

  2. oh and I still find it hard to believe you are 42 - deal with the devil I reckon :) I'm 44 and I look old enough to be your mum :D

  3. hello great hair..nice to meet you

  4. Hi Darcy. Love your work, that butterfly page is beautiful! x

  5. Wonderful journal pages, and the dolls are ace :)

  6. Super work, really inspiring.
    Great to 'meet' you.

  7. Lovely work, and I hope a swap includes some cake! X