Monday, 16 April 2012

Introducing... Leanne

Hi, you all problably know me already, I'm Leanne, nicknamed Leanie (Lee-nee) - someething my husband came up with as a pet name, that stuck!

Like many before me, I've been crafting since I was 4, when my mum got me into screen printing (I know, odd to try when you're little!).  Then Grandma taught me knitting, crochet, and embroidery, then cross stitch.  Back to mum for music and drawing - it's no wonder I grew up a write, poet and lover of art (but never an artist - my art teacher said I'd NEVER be an artist because I couldn't draw a person).

I love trying everything, and although I've been papercrafting since 1999 I STILL haven't developed a personal style or signature technique. I don't mind, I don't like being pigeon-holed anyhow!

Below are some pics from my blog of various arty things, I've left the non-arty stuff off but the blog's if you want to have a look-see.

Finally, I became a Stampin' Up! demo nearly a year ago - I'm on a mission to prove that SU isn't all Martha Stewart and clean edges, and am trying to get people to grunge it up and see its versatility - see the second and fourth images below :)

I'm really looking forward to collabor-art-ing with you all,
Leanne x


  1. Hello there...I see you like purple thos pages

  2. LOOOVE purple - especially Cadbury's purple!
    Thanks :D
    And teal blue, and lime green...
    Maybe instead of a signature style I have a colourscheme haha :)

  3. Great to see you here, love the idea that you are on a mission to grunge up SU.

  4. Welcome Lee-nee :)

    purple, teal and lime is one of my favourite combos too

  5. Nice to meet you! Love your colour combos, seems like a lot of us on here love purple! x

  6. Hey you! Teal & Purple are my favourite colours as well.

  7. Oh love your artwork - gorgeous stuff

  8. Thank you all very glad- all purple fans, we should be sponsored by Cadburys!
    Actually, of they still sold choccy bars in proper foil I could use it on a project... Hmm...

  9. oooohhhhh loving your journal books, Pleased to meet you

  10. Ooh I thought I commented on this already!Loving all the purple, my very favourite colour :)