Sunday, 15 April 2012

Introducing... Siân

Hi. I'm Siân, I often go by the name Violaceous online due to my love of purple and turquoise (Violaceous means bluish purple). I'm fairly new to the craft scene and even newer to the altered art scene. I started my first scrapbook 2 years ago and since then I've gone on to enjoy making ATCs, cards, tags, canvasses and most recently art journal pages.

Since discovering art journaling I feel I've found a lifetime love. I've always written diaries and been really big on lyrics and poetry but I was never the "arty" type - but then I found art journaling. A way to express yourself through not only words but art - art than anyone can create.

In terms of art, I love bright and colourful art journal pages, I love stampotique images, I love dark, grungy work, anything with metal findings, steampunk, fantasy and anything that is thought-provoking. I like to mix worded messages with art and I love collage. I'm definitely still learning but Im loving every minute. I would particularly like to alter a book its just a project I've not got around to yet but I've some books in my craft room waiting for some gesso!

On a personal note, I'm 34, married to Gareth and we have 2 gorgeous dogs, Rupert and Henry. I have ME and I am a carer for Gareth who has complex mental health problems. But we work as a team and get through everything together. This can mean I can't always craft when I want to - which is ALL the time - but once I commit to something I won't let anyone down! I don't eat meat and I consider myself a feminist - not to be mistaken as a man-hater nor any other negative associations the word sadly carries with it.

Here is a recent page I created for a CJ:

And this is one of my favourite scrapbook pages which I made for a challenge I set on UKScrappers:

Finally, excuse the bad colouring, Im still getting used to my bridge camera... this is a mini screen I made for a swap on the theme, "steampunk"

My blog, which shows more of my work, but isn't updated as much as I could, is


  1. Oh Sian - great post - I love it and your art is gorgeous!

  2. Stampotique, octopode, steampunk and darkness?

    Sounds like a good combination to me :D

  3. Love the name Violaceous, purple and turquoise are my two fav colours as well. Great art!

  4. I love the mini Screen, I bet the recipient was really thrilled to receive it.