Friday, 1 February 2013

Jez and Karen - Pair Journal

Firstly, I must apologise to poor Jez for having me as a swap partner!  This stupid thing called life keeps getting in the way of me doing 'fun stuff' but hey ho! better late (ok, very late) than never !!

Firstly, the pages that Jez did in her journal, I have added only small bits to as they were lovely as they were (but that isn't the point of this is it, lol )

The 1st page reminded me of water, so I added some seaweed and some Stampotiques in the form of a mermaid and 2 Octopets.

Next I added some paisley flourishes in red and a bit of number tape down one edge.

Next up, I added a mask of a bird and inked that and added a small bit of cameo tape and also a cameo necklace to the girl.

I only did 2 backgrounds in Jez's book as she made the book herself and it doesn't have as many pages as a bought journal so didn't want to use up all her space !  The 1st one is ok-ish but I have absolutely NO idea what I was thinking with the 2nd one ... feel free to gesso over it completely Jez and do something else lol!!

I will do a post with my journal in a sec ....


  1. Oh that's fabulous hun, loving how the collaborations are developing!

  2. LOVE what you've done Karen, can't wait to see them 'in person'. I like everything, and the Bloom page sparks my imagination. As I said in earlier email, I can always add more pages.
    Just waiting for weather to clear and warm up enough to get out and mail yours.

  3. Great pages, i love the bloom one x

  4. cool additions - did you mask your mermaid behind Jez's existing sketches? if so, wow that's a tidy job!!

    great to see another pair starting up...