Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Morning all, after the initial flurry of activity Donna and myself have been a little slower at swapping our journals recently, not sure if that's because the books are starting to fill up and now we are adding to elements already in place, or whether life has just got in the way, regardless we've both managed to add to our journals and mine was sent off first class recorded delivery yesterday.  Here is what I've been up to in my journal - in no particular order, this is a new page, title, paint masks, quotes, I'm hoping Donna will add to the quotes I've printed on it

 Next up the additions of the Queen of Hearts mini cards on the right hand side, designed by my 11 year old, scanned and printed.
 The addition of the title
 Masks and stamp additions on this one
 Red paint additions on this one
 Image addition on this one
 Highlighted words in red paint and a little black stamping on this one
 Additions of green around this fabulous image that Donna drew plus the cup stain stamp at the bottom of the page
 An image of Miss Ennis into the journal, thought it might help to 'date' the journal in years to come
 The additions of the sea shells embellishment bottom left
 The additions of the word abracadabra
 Painted some purple on this aerial
 Added the red and black London cab
 Added the words Garden of Eden
 Added the eyes and some writing above and below them
 Wrapped a die cut piece of paper around the card and then started to write down wishes
 Added the bunting!

Can't wait to work on Donna's journal again these pairs journals are such fun and so fluid allowing you to build up layers after layers on pages without it ever really being deemed 'finished' - bliss!

Indeed I (Donna) will add to the quotes, I received V's journal today - it is awesome,

I have both journals at the moment!

 here are a selection of images on the pages I worked on during this swap in my journal that will be mailed to V tomorrow...

Whichever journal I have I am tending to carry it aroudn with me now, and add little bits to pages ,

I hope we never finish and in ten years V & I will still be swapping.... adding...loving what we do...
 designed to never close
 open it up - it's begging you to look inside
 words added to the purple angels
 extra work done on my dog drawing
 new page from scratch - dancers
 photo overlays and horses layered on top
 odd mirror eh?
 new page = siblings
 the art of a fore edge

the whole thing is a sculpture....a theatre, a story,

when other people see this they all want to do collaborative work,




  1. Wow Donna that is looking awesome - definitely a book sculpture in its own rights, can't wait to get my hands on it again!

  2. Both these journals are amazing and have the WOW factor. You are both having such fun doing them that you obviously never want it to end. LOL

  3. These journals are fabulous-I'd love to sit and stroke them!

  4. these journals look DELICIOUS - wouldn't it be fantastic to somehow get all the pair journals together in one room for real life viewing, stroking and sniffing :) OK, maybe not sniffing :)

    Love your Download dog especially, Donna, I have him on a t shirt :) And Virginia, your "do you see me?" eyes are beautifully creepy

    fab fab fab fab fab

    Oh - and Donna - all your pals who see the books and want to do collaborative work??? send them here! :)

  5. I think I want to do a pairs jounral now!

  6. What AMAZING journals,love them XXXX what a great idea Sarah!how good would it be to see all the books IRL,and, I too don't want my pair swap to end,have just got back from my jollies to Effies book,am eager to start "adding";and as a p.s.would just like to say to anyone who is dithering/eager to 'ave a go at these pair swap go for it!!!!!you will be SO glad you did xxx

  7. They look amazing I'm very impressed. They would be lovely to see IRL.

  8. Just blown away by both these journals, you two are the queens of this swap!!!! x