Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi all, and thank you for letting me join in this wonderful community. I'm Clare, some of the members here I already know from other internet forums or blogs and some I look forward to 'meeting' through our art. I have admired the work produced on this blog for a while, after being introduced to it by one of the members while doing a circle journal. I am a little in awe of the standard of work you all produce if I'm honest!

A little bit about me: I live and work in Northumberland, currently working in childcare in a Childrens centre, which is quite challenging at times but a whole load of fun and I love my job. Im 44, married with 2 children of my own (boys of 24 and 12) and one cat. I have been a scrapbooker for a lot of years and through forums i joined I discovered a love of mixed media and thats mainly what I do now. I recently was part of a music based circle journal which inspired me to start a series of canvas boards for my home based on favourite song lyrics. I have planned 5, and so far completed 2 (both of which are Beatles lyrics)

I also recently completed the largest project I have ever attempted, a 3' x 14" mixed media canvas I called 'Alphabetica' (so stolen that name!!) which I have hanging on my staircase and it inspired me to get in the craft room every time I walk up the stairs. It is not the easiest thing to photograph however!!

Here are just a few photos of entries I did in the rock circle journal, including an image of the cover of my own book, which I kept very simple.

I look forward to joining in with my first project on Collabor-ART :)


  1. Hiya Clare :D Oh I just love the pieces you've shared - I may have to borrow your song lyric canvas idea one day. Have opened your blog for a peek but am being summoned to spend time with the family so will leave the page open for a proper look tomorrow :)

  2. Hi Clare - lovely to see you here loving the Alphabetica piece - awesome! It's been lovely having some new people join recently

  3. Hi and welcome! I am loving your 'alphabetika' canvas, it looks stunning. looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff x

  4. Welcome aboard Clare :) I hope you enjoy it here!

  5. hello and your layered art especially that alphabetica of my fav books

  6. Hi Clare

    Love your Alphabeica! I'd love to know how you did that!

  7. Welcome your work is lovely. The Alphabetica is fab.

  8. Hi Clare
    I think I am supposed to be sending a postcard to you - it's nearly finished so I was looking on the list of email addresses for your, so that I could contact you for an address.
    Anyway, my email address is on the list Sarah sent out, so if you email me we can sort it out that way.
    I love all the things on your blog, and particularly the poems.
    Regards, Jez (http;//