Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mail Art Trail

Finally, I've remembered to take a photo of the latest piece of mail art I received from Sarah. I love the colour combinations and the Leicester City Bus tickets as it's close to where we used to live before moving up North.  Been a while since I've been on a bus that give tickets like that mind! What am I on about - it's been a while since I've been on a bus. 

Thanks Sarah - gorgeous work as always. 



  1. fab art and your commentary did make me laugh, i DID go on a bus last week - i was afraid to sit down or touch anything, only the great unwashed seem to travel in public these days, then i got in my car and thought, hmmm Joe Public would think the same about my passenger seat and foot well (must get a bin),


  2. Glad it arrived and that you liked it. I have fellow Collabor-ARTer Sue to thank for the bus tickets, as she was kind enough to share her roll of them with me.

  3. Nice to see the tickets used to such good effect:)