Sunday, 23 September 2012

Incoming mail art .....

I've been spoilt this weekend.....

First of all this fantastic postcard from Sonja via the Mail Art Trail :

I LOVE Queen Viv, so this is just perfect for me

And then, a bit of "just because" mail art from Virginia:

and this one sums up my mood this week perfectly as I am very fed up thanks to the toothache from hell - aaarrrgghhhh indeed!

Thanks Sonja and Virginia, both cards are fab


  1. I always wanted to be a punk but was born into rock...i used to pogo at rock concerts and I do not know how I did not get beaten up.. QV is a true free thinker and she does practice what she preaches (which isn't difficult when one preaches anarchy) and if I ever get rich i am only ever wearing clothes made by her design team....

    Oh and fab mail art and hope the pain is getting better...


  2. Glad you liked Viv. I thought you might and her picture just appealed to me after I saw it.
    Virginia's mail is great I'm having an arghh week too. Hope the teeth are on the mend.