Saturday, 8 September 2012

Introducing Psychodiva

Hi everyone- thanks for letting me join :)

Just to explain the nickname - it comes from my job - see below :) I'm not psycho or a diva - I promise
 I have been doing art and craft 'stuff' for years and particularly love collaborative art. I mainly do junk-art incorporating found objects, collages, altered objects and I adore paper bag books and art journals or all sorts. I also do an awful lot of sewing, embroidery, art quilts, appliqué and all sorts of fabric stuff. I have put a few examples on my newly-resurrected blog (I dusted it off just for this site :) ) I hope to find my photos of the art I have done over the years and add some of it but would rather put new stuff up there.

I also do a lot of photography and there will be loads of pictures going on the blog. I Geocache, hike up mountains and bike or raft down them when I can and I've just joined the WI! I'm an avid Tweeter and can be found under the name I have here if anyone is interested but beware if you do  :)

Now for the name- I work full time- and more- as a Specialist Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse and art is my way of relaxing from a physically and emotionally demanding job - I sometimes don't have the time to chat or post on line and what time I do have I spend doing the art I love.

Thank you again for letting me join- while I'm at it- any postcard swaps going lol- I love making my own postcards!!!


OK Realised I need to put a few photos up of recent work- so here we go- not many as I often forget to take photos of things i have sent off :(

The first three are of a piece I did in response to something i saw in Craft Stamper last month :

This next is a piece I made weaving strips of sari fabric together- I ended up making a book cover out of it

These next three are from my art journal


  1. Welcome aboard Pam :) it would be good to see some piccies on this post if you have them handy. As for postcard swaps, if you click on the "open" page above, you'll see the list of currently open swaps, one of those is the mail art trail, which is exactly that....

  2. I'll di gout some photos of my work in the morning :)

  3. Hi Pam - welcome to collabor-art - popped over to your blog and love your style - gorgeous stuff! Hope you are a having a great day!

  4. welcome from me too - you are one busy lady - hope to see more of your work soon

  5. And another welcome from me :)Love the stuff on your blog!

  6. Hello and Welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. It's lovely.

  7. hello and welcome...great art love the vintage look and the layering

  8. A welcome from me too, loving your work and really looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Hello Psychodiva, have just joined after you, and I found your post here helpful when my mind went blank about what to say! So thank you. I enjoyed reading your post and very much liked the pics. Will try to find your blog now.

  10. Welcome Pam, very imaginative work, like your layering,


  11. Hi Pam

    I ,too like your layering but i LOVE that sari weaving! Gorgeous and suits your name ;)