Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sam and Sue Pair Journal

Finally I have managed to get some more work done in my pair journal! I managed nothing over the entire 6 weeks school holidays, so thought it was about time I got something done.I was working in my journal this time and the theme is 'round and round'.

 I added the freaky skull like drawing to this page with Indian ink and a few more words.
 Some doodling of seed and pod heads
 Sue had done this page with the fab googly eyes. I added the speech bubbles and some red circles in the background.
 I loved this magazine image, I thought she looked like a giant sea anemone.
 Sue had started this page with the yellow background and the journalling spots with black stems. I added the word flower (which I am not to pleased with, I may have to paint over that!) and the little leaves to the stem, some washi tape 'grass' and darkened the background with ink and a flower stencil.
 Another of Sue's started pages. I added the clock hands, the stamped clock and 'time flies' image on tissue paper and the words.
 I had done the background on this page with paint left over from another project and then added a spider web and dandelions and some journalling.
 I used printed scrapbook paper for the background on this page, covered with paint and stencilling then added the balloon from an old book page and a compass and the letter stickers.
 Sue had started this page off with some yellow cogs so I just continued on that theme, layering up with masks and ink and stamps on tissue paper and then outlined the cogs to make them stand out.
Another of Sue's pages. I added the ruler stamp, tape measure washi tape and gave it a very light wash of watercolour.

I will get this in the post to you sometime next week Sue.
Sami x


  1. Oh that's really coming together, loving the Around the World page

  2. Wow wow wow!!! So much to love, hard to choose a favourite, but I think if pushed it would have to be the 'seeds and pods' page, so gorgeous, it would make a lovely fabric design

  3. ah the break clearly did you good, fabulous pages, all of them are favorites, for different reasons,


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. For me the spider web page steals the show but they are all awesomeness. The break done did you good Sam x

  5. I really like how these journals are coming together. Fab pages.

  6. I like the word 'flower'. Marvellous pages