Friday, 21 September 2012

Gordon Bennett!

Talk about getting caught short!..... There's a knock on the door, I'm in my PJ's just out of the shower and with my rollers in and glasses on and talking to DD on the door and it's Michelle with my mystery parcel!........I'm never seen without my face on!.... I felt the need to lie down but not before I opened my bag of goodies!..... And what a lot of goodies there were. I'll take a picture on Sunday... Not holding out much hope of Blogging it though, Blogger has changed and I can't do it from my lap top and can't post pictures from my bear with me.


  1. I'm sorry for just turning up unannounced Gail, you looked fab anyway. Seeing as I only lived down the road I thought I would just drop it off rather than posting. I hope you liked the little canvas its my favourite one so far. Michelle xx

  2. Feel free to email photos to me, Effie, and I can add them to your post if you like

  3. Haha!Love it! Do the photos include you in your jammies and rollers?