Tuesday, 25 September 2012

secret swap - Donna Louise Rodgers

if you know me from my blog you will know I can spin a yarn, and if I can be verbose I will, so I warn you this goes on and on....

Sarah (Flo) gave us loads of time to do a making using three items from our secret stash swap,
I received my packet on Saturday,  and I solemnly swear I was not going to open it until I had 'finished' other outstanding work.

 you can see I lasted five minutes

I think we all know the other man's chips taste better, his grass is greener, and he definitely has better stash than me,

so we were all always going to be winners when we decided to swap stash with each other...

Sonja not only sent me some beautiful stash,  she also made me a gorgeous ATC and a lovely little note too

I then thought immediately of a plan to use three items, mainly taking inspiration from a small trinket and a rose that brought to mind Rene Macintosh.  The third item?  a piece of something that I used as a mask and went crazy spraying using WATER based sprays (pigment dye ones and ones with mica)

 I pulled out an unused canvas that has been taking up space next to my desk for over a year...(I would have sent it in secret stash only it is toooo big)

each layer was left at least an hour to dry between each application a second mask  was used when the red colour was introduced - in total, five layers,  three colour/sprays.

Then I drew a macintosh woman in pencil.  You can then paint with a damp brush, using the pre-sprayed paint to create a focal image, using more or less water to create the 'solid' colour. Hence the need to use water based sprays.

I love it when it looks like magic...
 I cut roses from the paper from the secret stash, applied lace and the trinket ( third stash item used)

fiddled a little. sealed it with acrylic wax so I don't have to panic if it ends up outside in the rain...and called it 'done',

Luke says I should call her Onion Woman

thank you so much Sonja I loved making my thing using three of your items and I still have oodles of super stash, you have been very generous...

  I  DO like this early Christmas thing....



  1. She's gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Like a fairy queen.

    And my girls have already raided my stash and punched out zillions of snowflakes (Craig may have cried a little when he saw the carpet!) so I'll have to include their makes as well as mine when I show and tell ;)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, and just enough to hint at Rennie Macintosh. Love it. Just as I love my postcard that you sent. I am just about to try posting it on the site. It's propped up on the easel so that I can just glance across from my work table and enjoy it. Thank you, thank you.

  3. I like the early Christmas thing too :) Glad you got a lovely parcel of goodies and well done for being the quickest off the mark with making your three-items piece - and what a beauty she is!

  4. Fantastic swap goodies and your canvas is just beautiful, I love all the layers and the lady is just perfect! x

  5. Oh my the goodies look fantastic and the canvas is simply gorgeous!

  6. I'm so glad you liked the parcel and wow to the canvas it's great. I love Rennie Mackintosh and it is very much in the spirit of his ladies. Love it.