Sunday, 23 September 2012


 Look what my stash swap partner brought me.....a beautiful kitty canvas and a whole load of goodies.

Isn't that a lovely piece of art!
and a fabulous sentiment.....Thanks Michelle!


  1. Aha - you have fixed your blogger then? that's good. What a fabulous haul, lucky you! And the canvas is right on the nose :)

    Don't forget to also make an item using at least three of the items in your mystery gift box and add that to this blog post....

  2. Thank you Gail, I really enjoyed making it and putting your parcel together. Your camera takes a very good picture, it's picked up all the texture too, wonderful. Looking forward to perhaps meeting up at the Saturday get together's. Michelle x

  3. Wow - what a gorgeous lot of goodies. That cat canvas is fantastic. And very true!

  4. Love the canvas and the goodies look fab. Great swap.