Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More mystery goodies.....

When I took a trip to the local sorting office this morning on my way to work, with a red slip in hand, I was expecting the parcel to be the school trousers I'm waiting on for my 10 year old.....but no.....it was MUCH better than that :)  It was my mystery swap parcel - yay!! :) :) :)

All the way from bonny Scotland - thank you so much Lou!

The first item out of the box was this fantastic mini canvas - I think he has something of the Mighty Boosh about him :)  He's currently being proudly displayed on my desk at work as that's where I opened up my parcel, but I will bring him home soon.

And then there was all this too:

Think we can safely say that I've been properly spoilt :)

Loads of goodness in there, but my favourites are the handmade paper, the boot stamp, the black and white spotted washi tape, the texture tool, the textured chipboard alphas, and, most of all, the amazing corrugated card mini album that you can see there in the middle of the photo.

Here's a better look at it, it's properly awesome!

It's all put together with co-ordinated travel themed papers and embellies, and it's in just my colours, I can't wait to add some photos to it, I think I'm going to make a geocaching themed mini book with some of our best caching pics.

But that won't be for a while, so I've done something different for my "use 3 things make" - a page in my pair journal

I've used the boot stamp, the copper Marvy pen, and the washi tape.  And I also used some dark blue tissue paper that had been used in the packaging of my mystery gift.

It has ended up looking a little different from my usual pages but that's what's fun about using stash that has been picked out for you by someone else, it's fun to be pushed outside your box a bit :)

But at the same time as saying that, it's also very "me" - I used to live in my Docs, and still have a few pairs.  None all pretty and tie dyed like these though .... although I wish they were!

Thanks again Lou for the great gifts


  1. i would wear those psychedelic boots until they dropped off my feet, the secret swap has been so much fun,
    Mr Boosh Skull is amazing

  2. Am loving seeing inside all these parcels and am so hoping mine lives up to expectations when it reaches it's recipient.

    Like Donna I would wear those boots to death. I so miss my metallic purple Docs! The canvas is fab as is the mini album! Going to have a play with my goodies this weekend!

  3. ffs what size shoe is what I meant!

    I have some purple cobweb ones you see - that are a size 9 I am a size 5,

    I have kept them for show - you are welcome if they will fit...

  4. The boot stamp was one of those moments when "I saw this and thought of you!!" Love what you've done with it. Glad you like your box of goodies, the handmade paper is elephant dung paper from Thailand, helped the chappy make it while on holiday there a few years back. I love the stuff!!

    Lou x

  5. Oh Sarah amazing stuff, loving that boots stamp, this swap has been absolutely fabulous, I've received my goodies - soooooooooooo fabulous - I just need to find time to create with them now - now that might prove more difficult.


  6. Great parcel and I love the idea of your canvas on your work desk. It can cheer you up if you have a bad day.