Sunday, 1 July 2012

Siân & Nigel PJ Latest

Nigel and I have completed our second entries in our Pair Journal. Im loving our themes and what's coming up with them. For Nigel's Turn It Up journal I did two entries after getting a tip from Leanne about watercolour crayons for backgrounds and using a credit card, off I went and managed to create two pages that happened to express exactly how I was feeling that day... I love the effect of the credit card and how well it suits the theme...


In both cases I started with watercolour crayons, added acrylic paint with a card - somewhat violently - sprayed tattered angels and cosmic shimmer sprays and just let it all drip. I added scars using the card and then finally scraped the song titles using a knife.I cut up the words to add to the effect and felt the Korn song needed some metal adding.

I've since added a small amount of journaling. And yes I did it all listening to those two songs very loud - as research of course ;o)

I will let Nigel showcase the pages he sent to me :o)


  1. Two of my favourite songs, and you are right, the scratchy crayon background fits the mood perfectly. Hope the song choices don't mean you're having too much of a hard time at the moment x

  2. Loving the background techniques.

  3. Oh that's fabulous loving how you created the background Sian - awesome stuff!

  4. Love the credit card technique.

  5. yes indeedy who can journal without wax watercolours? excellent use of mood created by your colour schemes, and I like the impact of the graphics you chose, it is perfect for your theme, and so refreshing to see something so effective and different. ..