Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sarah & Shirley pair journal - round 4

This stage has been done a lot quicker than the last one for me, I have a busy August so thought I would get organised especially has I had a couple of ideas as soon as Sarah's lovely journal arrived. I just love the fact that there is no pressure of time -scale to get these done. Just the freedom of having fun.
Sarah's oriental page was beautiful and I know she loved it but I could not resist popping the Koi carp into the water and adding the eternity rubon.

This page was done on Sarah's gorgeous background. The apple and hand just went together along with 'Nothing tastes better,' which definitely goes with Forbidden fruit! What I could not decide was if this naughty caterpillar needed to go on the page too ... so I have placed him in the pocket at the back of the book and thought Sarah could take on that decision for us. Especially has I kept placing him on and off the page!

This page was done completely by me but I am sure Sarah will be able to add something to it.
Finally I started a background ready for Sarah to create her magic on.
Like I say a quick turn around this time, made even quicker by a husband who saw the package and has already to posted it for me!
Have fun Sarah.


  1. OH my that is looking seriously gorgeous!

  2. Very very gorgeous!!!!!!!Oh I love every page for quite different reasons......and oh WOW the "tattoo" page!!!! you dark horse you Shirley June!!xx

  3. oh I didn't mean I loved the geisha PAGE, I meant the geisha IMAGE - I deliberately left that one fairly open for you to add to - and your additions are perfect - a Koi in the pool! so cool! hope he doesn't bite :)

    The forbidden fruit page is awesome and I have an idea for Mr Caterpillar :)

    Ace of Spades page is of course right up my street :) and I love the woodgrain background too - tons to work with - thank you!

  4. Oooh how amazing these are, such a fab idea I love it more every time I look in. I loooovvveee mr caterpillar! Can't wait to see the wood grain evole.

  5. Wow, I am loving this journal, its so bright and vibrant. Great ace of spades page. x

  6. That's a fab cards image :D