Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Irene and Effies Books

I am having HUGE amounts of fun doing these, and the reason there has been very few pics of these books is (I feel) largely due to me! I am so thick when it comes to doing this blogging stuff! but I won't say fear not as I was going to, but, be afraid be very afraid as I attempt now (I have half a day to spare) to put some little pics of what we are doing.

I apologise in advance to Effie as these are going to be very mixed up

The first 4 pics are in my book all combined efforts, it's such fun as Effie puts little bits into my book to play with, as the ladies, love that stamp, and since that pic was taken the ladies now wear crowns atop their heads,courtesy of Effie.

The last pic is in Effies book,she coloured the page and i've added the owl and bits,this is now going to be posted to Effie,and there are other pages I've done but I don't want to spoil the surprise for her,and,I don't want to subject you lot to any more of my ramblings!!!!

I would have liked this post to look different,but hey-ho maybe practise will make perfect? Oh would just like to add that the Gordons page and the ladies were done as the Queens Jubilee was going on,seemed rather apt,and Effie has done some lovely royal themed pages this post!


  1. Loving all the pages in particular the Gordon's Gin one LOL!

  2. Ohh these are fabulous, those three ladies are brilliant. what great creative pieces and amazing backgrounds
    hugs June x

  3. Irene I knew the post was from you before I saw who had posted here!
    It was the Gordons label that was the big give away. LOL
    Loving all the pages and all the little details that you can see when you look really closely.
    This is another great journal to follow.

  4. looks great love all the layers and colours

  5. These books are looking fab - and well done you for braving a blog post! :)

    I like the cheeky owl :)