Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sarah & Shirley pair journal - round 3

I love my book already :) :)  and we are barely getting started!

So, here we go again, this is my second time working in my own journal

First of all, I tweaked my original first page as it looked a bit plain, by adding some little label stickers that I had "splatted" on with distress stains:

Next another minor tweak, this time adding a bit of black outlining and an orange harlequin pattern to Shirley's "eye for colour" page:

Then I added straw blown seaweed and a school of fish to one of Shirley's gorgeous backgrounds:

Next, this photo of two geishas paddling is from the 1920s and has been sat in my collage pile for a while waiting for the perfect time to use it, I love it:

And last up, the beginnings of a page for Shirley to run with:

I'll pop it in the post tomorrow or Tuesday, Shirley


  1. WOW - love the impact of the vibrant colours,

    psychedelia makes its comeback...


  2. Looking forward to getting this back to do Sarah.
    It is looking really vibrant and just what we need these dull days!!!
    Having lots of fun doing this with you.
    I will be finishing off my journal today and it will be in the post very soon.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm so nicking that splatting on the tags idea! So effective! Love all the vibrant colour going on here. Just yum!

  4. Fab fab fab just love the vibrancy of these pages

  5. Oh these are gorgeous pages - love em!

  6. Wow, the colours are so vivid, it looks fantastic, love the fish! x