Monday, 16 July 2012

Sue and Sam journal

 These are the new pages I started in Sams journal.................... 

 and I added to these pages.........added the orange dots and stamped swirls to this page

 and extra colour, the cows head image and figures around the edges of the pages.

Your journal will be on it's way back to you this week Sam!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - loving all the images and colours etc! Brilliant stuff!

  2. WOW love these pages, lots of circles and all so different.
    This journal is going to be amazing.

  3. Loving them. Those eye balls have given me the serious chuckles :)

  4. wow Sue, you've been super busy

    I'm also loving the eyeballs, and what you have done with the "enjoy life's moments" stamp - and absolutely everything else!

  5. Sue it looks GREAT! I love the eyeballs and the splodges page! Loads of new stuff to work with! I look forward to seeing the pages in the flesh x