Friday, 6 July 2012

Sue and Sami pair journal

Hi There!
Just a quick update on Sue and Sami's pair journal.
This is the second time I have had Sue's journal with me. It's taken me a bit longer to get things done in it this time as I have been AWOL with work...sorry Sue!
Sue's journal theme is 'Alphabetika'.

 I added the tree stamps to this page...I wanted to add a spooky house or something but I couldn't find a good image!

 Sue had made a mini journal which slips in the pocket on the left. I added some morse code for her to decipher.
 On this page I started with sticking down book pages and gessoing over the top, then I used paint and ink sprays for the background. I printed off this Iconic image of the Jabberwocky and drew over it with pen. I cut it out, added it to the page and then wrote the words of the poem around it.

 A witchy page, with some deciphering needed. I used paints, inks, tissue paper and homemade stamps on this page.

 I added the parrot with the skull face from magazine clippings and did the title out of washi tape.

 I used a magazine image as a mask on this page, loads of room for adding stuff.

 This was Sue's braille page. I love the texture of it and didn't want to cover that up so I just added some stamps down one side, a bit of red chalk ink and then I cut up a postcard I found in a magazine and layered it up on the opposite page.

 I used the headlines from my local paper for the base of this page then added gesso, red paint, a text stamp, washi tape and a skeleton image I found in a magazine.

I loved this page of Sue's so I have just added the hand carved 'confidential' stamp and raven stamp and the little dancing skeletons round the edges.

I will get this back in the post to you on Monday Sue.
Sami x


  1. especially like the tree page

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHH Sam!!!! I love what you have VERY fav is the JABBERWOCKY! Can't wait to see it in person:)

  3. Oh that's lovely - absolutely fantastic!

  4. So glad you like it Sue...had a sneaking suspicion that the Jabberwocky would be your fav!!!!

  5. Sam.....I emailed you but it bounced back:( Will try again!

  6. It's all amazing, amazing, amazing Sam. Gorgeous and all so different too! Love the jaberwocky but also think the balance page has such impact!

  7. I love this! So inspirational. Jabberwocky is a fav! Thanks too for stoping by my humble blog. It is a honour to have you.

  8. your additions are fabulous, and I love the balance page, I do also think the snogging skeletons are to die for, brilliant work Sam.


  9. Just realised I have commented on these on your own blog but not on here.....Jabberwocky and Freaks of Nature are my favourites, or maybe the witchy page and the Balance one.....or maybe the skellies locked in an embrace .....can't choose! they are all brilliant!