Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Siân & Nigel PJ Latest - The reply

I think it's fair to say that this matches quite well with Siân's pages in my journal.

When I found out the title of her journal I knew immediately what my first entry would be. It's a loud, gritty, in-yer-face kind of song that I was introduced to by my youngest.

The backgrounds are black acrylic, scrubbed on roughly and then over-sprayed with suitably dark inks. Lettering is white gel pen. It was all very rough and ready, which fits perfectly.

The inspiration is below. Warning: Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition!  :)


  1. you two are so well suited journal wise

  2. it is funny isn't it I could never have shared my music with my parents,

    my kids play hip hop white noise crap to me!, the journaling is fabulous, the background is very effective.


  3. "Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell's afraid I'll take over" is a BRILLIANT line! I can see me stealing that one for my journal :)

    Love your scratchy background and the overall vibe

    And as for sharing music with parents, I think I'm lucky in both directions, my parents had pretty good music taste (my dad was really into John Foxx era Ultravox and other electronic music, my mum loved Rush, I think I ended up somewhere between the two) - and I absolutely share music taste with my 3 sons - the eldest is mainly into punk and ska, the other two are metal heads. I would be sad if we didn't at least overlap a bit....