Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pass The Painting - a little nag

Sorry to be a pain guys, but could you please make sure that you edit the original PTP post here whenever you post or receive a painting

This community doesn't really have hard and fast rules, but clear communication so that swaps and projects don't go off track is strongly encouraged :)

(and we're now at the July swap date but hardly anyone has updated for June yet!)



  1. Sorry Sarah, I didn't realise I had to update on this post, I thought I just had to post a piccy!!! I have updated now x

  2. Not a problem Sam, it's just so we can keep track of which canvas is where, and make sure everything is moving along as it should

    I'd like to run a circle journal type project on this site soon and for that to stay on track, clear, regular posting and receipt updates will be essential, so the pass the painting thing is a bit of a dry run :)

  3. ah I do love it when you are the strong naggy type.. woo hoo, and we're back on track....


    ah i don't have a painting - hmmm - obviously I never got even organised enough to join in - oh pooehy there is no hope for me is there?????

  4. Sorry, I forgot, it's been a bit hard trying to keep my place on a blog rather than a thread...
    I will do better!