Sunday, 29 July 2012

Turn it up again

Two more pages in my journal, ready to send off to Siân in the morning.
The first one is along similar lines to some of the earlier pages; rock, guitars, etc.
The second one goes of at a complete tangent - classical, and probably more powerful than anything else I can think of. Enjoy :)


  1. I knew my mum would like them :D ^^
    I love the lettering it looks great.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog x

  2. Both speak volumes - I take it the latter means Day of Wrath? My Latin's very rusty, after 39 years! I had to visit your blog after seeing your post to Paul (Artsiders) and I'm loving it! Great advice you gave him and I love what you do - have linked to you and will come visit when I see an update x

  3. Great pages, love the zombies!

  4. very atmospheric, and I think I might be getting used to how very verbose you are???!!!


  5. I LOVE Zombie, such a great song. Both of these pages are awesome.