Monday, 16 July 2012

Sarah & Shirley pair journal - round 3 part 2

Between us Sarah and I have a lot of colour happening in our journals, I just love the way the pages work so well next to each other.
Sarah's Mystery project sticker page did not need very much added to it at all.
I swiped some white paint to the right of the page and put the word Strength on top using a rub on. A man with 2 pairs of arms must be pretty strong, I also gave him some swirls at his feet and a heart.

Sarah's background was perfect for these ladies, they have been lurking in my box of cut bits and bobs for ages.

This page I collaged some torn out pages from a book I have, I just loved the faces peeking through the layers of paint.

Did you notice this little fellow peeking out?

The next page has lots of texture. I used builder's scrim and a pulled apart serviette below lots of paint and then stencilled and added more layers.

Finally this page is in its very early stages, with torn up book pages and paint. I had to stop there as I had already done more on the previous page than I originally intended to do!

I will be in the posting the journal to you tomorrow Sarah.
Have fun adding to any of the pages.


  1. Absolutely fantastic, yet again another pairs journal that is just looking so fantastic!

  2. I LOVE what you did with my "forearmed" man - that strength rub on is perfect there, and his little heart. This whole book is coming together brilliantly. Love this process!!!

  3. It just seems that with each journal I see I'm amazed at how well matched the two people are. This is another gorgeous set of pages :D

  4. Looks amazing, the colours are so vibrant. I love the hairdresser ladies!

  5. What exciting pages these are,loads to see