Friday, 27 July 2012


Oh it's been done a while but it seems to have taken me an age to actually get it packaged up and sent on it's way - don't ask me why - it's not difficult!

So this is Donna's journal and this is Donna's post documenting my journal a couple of weeks ago.

Donna's journal is so lovely to work on and has really taken shape, although the dimensions are now pushing their look on the original size, thankfully Donna has an ingenious way of fastening it.

First up an existing page, with some additions - predominantly the purple paint, giving it a more mystical quality I think
 Then I added some hand stamped and cut houses and a painted heart on this existing page
 Next up, the 'homemade' washi tape behind the picture on the right page, hand painted bunting along the top, and scrunched sheet of paper bottom left next to another image that Donna had put in the journal!
 This one initially had the left strip and top strip on so I've added the think outside the box piece and the frame on the right.
 And this page has some additional Union Jacks on the page
A brand new page, I'm enjoying playing with paint and texture at the moment
 Then some paper and some paint
 A little guy
 And another two page spread,
 With middle flap, the pink heart on the right is a chipboard heart
 Ticket page
 And the last double page in the book all ready for Donna to play with
The book is probably starting it's final phase now there may be one or two more full swaps before most of the pages will be completed and I'm having a blast, can't wait to see what Donna has done with my journal!


  1. like the way the layers are building up in this book with lots to look at as you pass it between you

  2. i like the stuff you have not shown too... I did get to the PO this morning - sent first class so yours should be there monday - I have loads to do, but just want to work on my book now!!!

  3. Really loveing all the layers that are being added to the pages and the elements you are using.
    Playing with paints and textures is a lot of fun and it looks like you are having plenty of that doing the pages.
    A really vibrant journal with so much to see.

  4. Such fab pages! I love the purple page and your playing with paints and texture pages. Both your books are going to be awesome finished pieces!

  5. Gorgeous finished pages and backgrounds!

  6. Loads more great additions - it's really interesting to see how each pair has a different dynamic in this pair journal process - you and Donna are very much building up pages a layer at a time, some others are more like a circle journal creating finished pages and not interfering with each others' work too much, and the rest are somewhere in between.