Saturday, 30 June 2012

Introducing Michelle Webb

Hello, I’m Michelle, I’m 41 and I work full time, I try and make good use of my evenings but I always end up going to bed too late because I can't tear myself away from the current project.

I awoke my sleeping arty side in March this year after being at 'Art from the Heart', a shop in Harrogate owned by Dyan Reaveley. Such an inspirational place to be. I saw lots of canvases and art journals and I knew I wanted to get home and dust off my acrylic paints and start painting again as soon as possible.

Dream Big Canvas 20th May 2012 A day at Art from the Heart with Kate Crane 10th May 2012

I left art college in 1989 and I'd forgotten how much I loved paint and pastels. Now there's no stopping me, I'm on the ride of my life, making journal pages and canvases at every opportunity. In 1989 most inspiration came from books or art galleries. Now with the internet and the blog world, there is inspiration everywhere and I love it!

What's inside my head Journal page 7th April 2012       Time Gone Journal page 22nd March 2012

So what kind of painting do I like to do? I like using acrylics, pastels and pencils. Then I bring in the mixed media's of paper, inks, gilding flakes, modelling paste, fabric, wax and any kind of texture I can get my hands on. I like to use words on a page or painting, you get to see much more of what's in the artist's head. I like to draw images and faces and I adore colour.

                                     Home is where the Ink & Paint is Canvas 8th June 2012

                                                You will succeed Journal page 5th April 2012

I'm a 'glass is half full' kind of person and always look to the things in life that make me smile to paint about.

I'm really looking forward to sharing projects with fellow artists and bouncing ideas of each other. I love the idea of Collabor-Art and I can't wait to get started.

You can find more of my painty inky makes here at The Hobby Room
Michelle xx


  1. Hi Michelle - lovely to meet you - your artwork is gorgeous and I can appreciate the inspiration you got from AFTH! Looking forwards to working with you in the future

  2. Hi Michelle - welcom to our blog - Love the work you've shown us - hope to see lots more

  3. Welcome aboard Michelle! Love your work, looking forward to collaborating with you!

    Feel free to sign up for either of the currently open projects (the Mail Art Trail or Pair Journals) by editing the relevant post and adding your name - or you can wait for a couple of new projects to be announced later this month

  4. hello michelle, I like your whats in your head page and the succeed one..nice work

  5. Hi Michelle, thanks for sharng your lovely art with us. Looking forward to seeing lots more in the future and hopefully collaborating with you at some point too. :-)

  6. Hi Michelle - your art is gorgeous!! Welcome to Collabor-art :o) Siân

  7. Welcome Michelle. You've got some fab work on your blog. Vicki

  8. Welcome Michelle, beautiful art work, off to check out your blog! x

  9. nice to meet you Michelle, welcome.