Friday, 8 June 2012

Stage 3

Added my bits to the canvas for Pass the Painting... added the image, the gold leaf and the lacy bits at the bottom....


  1. Wow! This is already looking so finished, it's going to be difficult for four more people to add to it!

  2. this is extremely elegant and very well composed- very beautiful, i can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. Think there's only three more additions...

    1. if this is stage 2, and there are 6 of you, 4 more, no? is my maths failing me? :) not a problem either way, I'm sure everyone will find a spot to add something....

  4. great painting..has lots of potential for addition I think although its good as it is:)

  5. no its the 3rd layer that Gail has added , i finished the 2nd early so gave it to her , so we are a head a little in Middlesbrough lol

  6. aha! with you now :)

    do you have a photo you could upload of the painting after your additions, Jean, before Effie added hers? I'm hoping to make animated gifs of all the finished paintings showing the 6 stages.