Thursday, 21 June 2012

latest photos for Lorraine's pair journal

Lorraine and I met up today and exchanged journals - mine looks great irl
I found it hard to start pages and leave them unfinished - and cant wait to see how they develop

thanks very much Pat for all your lovely pages in my journal..I have made a little video of the pages on is the link to watch it..not sure how to add the video here!


  1. Oh my these pages do look quite awesome!!!!!love them

  2. as a p.s. really really like the dancer pageXX

  3. Oh they are gorgeous pages, all of them loving the vibrant colour theme too!

  4. love the video - it gives a real sense of what the textures are, and I so believe books have to be handled, which is why I like them more than art that hangs on wall forbinned to touch... your styles are very complimentary and the book is looking fabulous,


    ps if you want me to send you a pdf to show how to embed from vimeo let me know & I'll email you - just pop to my website I leave me a message,


  5. This is looking fantastic, love the colours and layers, my fave is the page with the dancer on it..just beautiful x

  6. These pages are really great, this journal is going to be amazing when it is finished.
    In fact it is amazing already!
    So many great ideas.

  7. wow there is so much going on in both journals - SO much lovely eye candy!