Monday, 28 January 2013

Sonja Collage PostCards

I received these two backgrounds from Nigel which were great to work with. I ended up with two different pathways one whimsical and the other a bit bleaker. I have to confess to have a total senior moment and not taking any photos of the completed pages. I'm hoping Lou and Jez come to my rescue with pictures. I also managed to forget to sign them as well so I'm hoping my blips are over. The first one I used Grazia magazine predominately and I loved the end result. It's a bit whimsical and quirky and the head reminded me of Evil Edna from the a children's show in the 80s. I also used a Hey Girl line as I have loved some of these on Pinterest. In fact once I started I enjoyed the process of cutting and fiddling around with images. I really ended up going with the flow and letting the images guide the process.
The second card made me think of Banksy and Big Brother at first and I went looking in my National Geographic collection and ended up with some images of poppies being farmed from Afganistan. I attached the image of the farmers hand to the figure and thought it looked surreal and just right. It definitely has a different feel from the first card.
I'm hoping this makes more sense when Lou and Jez add the completed pictures. I enjoyed this challenge a lot and have loved seeing some of the other cards. They have been really inspiring.

Here is the card that Jez received:

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  1. great backgrounds Nigel - and I love the card you sent to Jez, Sonja - I look forward to seeing what Lou's card looked like too :)