Monday, 28 January 2013

Sami and Sue pair journal update

Here are the latest pages that I have done or added to in Sue's Journal.

 Sue had used pattern paper on this page and had stuck in the envelope pattern. I added the rusty scissors, the dolls head, the gruesome blood and the skull faces on the 1950's housewives.
 I used a stamp of a dressmakers dummy that I had made a while ago and added the dolls heads to the top (Sue loves doll heads!) I also added the words which I printed on the computer and the quote on the back of the ruler (which Sue sent me) which I attached with tape measure washi tape.
 On this page I added the castle, the cloud and moon and the bat
 This was one of my pages and Sue added some brown paint. This time round I added some more words using letter stickers and the stars, using a stencil.
 Sue sent these beautiful wings so I used them with a piece I cut from a magazine and some red tissue paper. I printed words onto masking tape using my printer. On the right hand side i painted with acrylics then added postage stamps that Sue had put in the little envelope on the page and then I added some prints I had done with my Gelli arts plate.
 I used washi tape to attach them on one side only so that they can be lifted up.
 I added 'cracks' over the dolls head that Sue had stuck down. I then found some 'creepy' doll pictures to add to the right hand side. I added some rub ons and the flyer from an event I went to in October called 'park of the dead'. Sues theme for her journal is 'Alphabetical' so I decided to just write about the event to fill the rest of the page.
 Sue had added the ravens to this page so I added a piece of poetry by Edgar Allen Poe printed onto tissue paper and three black feathers.
 Sue sent some fab skull serviettes so I used one of them on the left hand side, stuck down with gel medium. The starts were from a stencil. I stamped little skeletons onto tickets for the right hand side and added a rub on and thickers for the wording. 
On the left hand page I stuck down some remnants from some Gelli art prints and added the backing from some alphabet stickers. The image of the woman in the test tube I cut from a magazine and the rain drops are the little left over bits from the letter stickers. I added some little bird rub ons to Sue's page on the right.

Sue's journal is full now so we have agreed to finish this project. It has been great working on someone else's pages and seeing someone else's work 'in the flesh' as it were. I was really scared to add anything to Sue's pages to start with but once I got into it I really enjoyed it and it has been a great learning curve. I thoroughly recommend taking part in one of these pair journal collaborations!
Sami x


  1. Oooh. I love these Semi especially the ravens page and all the skullies. Just scrumptious.

  2. SAMI! Seriously, going to head butt tablet!

  3. Carmen, you need to go to the 'dam autocorrect' site, I think you would find it really funny!!!!

  4. hi Semi :)

    LOVE these pages, they are magnificent - I especially like the fact you have used some ephemera from your Park of the Dead experience, that sounded like so much fun!!

    It's a real pity this exchange is now finished as I was really enjoying watching the books go to and fro

  5. Oh Sam

    Fabulous pages, shame the pairs journal has come to an end loving what you did on the pages!

  6. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this idea and these pages soooo much - what a great idea, I too would have been worried to add to someone else's pages, but I love how they turned out! And I love all the "hard core" doll heads too, Kristin xo

  7. Yay! This is the kind of art I would like to have on my wall on a Halloween night, while reading Poe, and listening Dance the Macabre. I particularly love the first two pages ;-)