Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sian & Nigel's Pair Journal

Here's my latest entry into "Attitude" which is my half of the Nigel/Sian Pair Journal. Attitude is what is says - a journal filled with examples of people or events that kick ass!

I have a suffragette memorabilia pack which I used for these pages. I admire the courage of these women and am grateful today for what they did back then! Nigel should receive it soon :o) TFL - Sian 


  1. LOVE this page - I went through a phase at uni of wearing green and purple all the time and proudly declaring I was rocking the colours of suffrage :)

    As you say, you don't get many girls with more attitude than them!

    The coat of arms thing looks very Hogwarts-ish, doesn't it :)