Monday, 28 January 2013

Desert Island CJ Page for Sonja; PJ Page for Nigel

Hi there, killing two birds with one stone here...

First of all Sonja's Desert Island Disc CJ. I was thrilled to see that Hotel California hadn't yet been picked as it's one of my all time favourite songs. For Sonja this brings back memories of lying in the back of her parents car watching the orange lights of the autobahn in Germany pass by overhead so my first thought was to use the dingy orange lighting and a street lamp as part of the LO as I like to incorporate people's meanings but also it seemed to me to fit the tone of the song about the seedy underbelly of California. Here's the LO then I'll explain what I did.

I inked the background then added the lamp and LA skyline. I drew the Hotel California and created a sign with smallprint to use that classic line, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. I created the No Leaving sign digitally. The bird stamp seemed to fit well with the theme too. 

Sonja has put an envelope on the back of her 6x4ish pages so I decided to use it rather than painting over it. I recently won some Jenni Bowlin papers which include some bank receipts so I used one to make a receipt out as if someone had checked into the Hotel California - hopefully you can read it.

I covered the envelope and flap with Anna Debrowska-Pecocka paper (my favourite), added Sonja's journaling and then stapled the upper part of the receipt to the flap with my name and the date etc on it.

Ok so onto my Pair Journal with Nigel... his PJ is called Turn It Up and one song I love to listen to LOUD is Chop Suey by System of a Down. I haven't necessarily finished with this song yet but this is what I've got so far:

Anyone whose seen the video will know that the guitarist is covered in black, well, doodles really lol hence my black painted lines over the background of red paint and ink which I dripped quite a bit to represent blood. I focussed on the line I cry when angels deserve to die (for now) and cut some sissix wings on magic card that has silver inside when you file it. I embossed them in a music folder then scratched the surface, covered them in blood - red ink spray - then broke one of the wings, painting more blood on the break. Finally I painted when angels deserve to die and dragged the paint down over the words angel and die. 

IMO, this song deserves more time so I hope to do more on it, may add more layers to this page and create more unless Nigel tells me he hates the song and bans me from making more lol.


  1. Wow Sian on both counts, loving the CJ and the pairs journal work - fabulous stuff!

  2. Fantastic pages both. Chop Suey is one of my favourite songs ever. Love your interpretation.

  3. I love it and that paper is great. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it returns home.

  4. Great Pages, i love the check in reciept for the first one!

  5. They're both fab - love especially what you did with Hotel California

  6. Don't worry, I like it. I'll get it back to you so you can do more with it :)