Monday, 21 January 2013


Signup by 8th February 2013
Posting Dates : 1/3/13, 29/3/13 and 26/4/13.
This is a freestyle collaborative art project.
For background and inspiration check out the Prayer Flag blog HERE .

No pictures, I'll let you enjoy a bit of googling for research and inspiration.

The idea is that the finished flags will be displayed outside so please consider this when working on your layer.  The base should be reasonably thick fabric, a heavy cotton/calico works well.  I can confirm acrylic paint works well as a base layer but does gently fade over time.  Plastic bags are great to use and sewn into the flags make a great waterproof finish.

The flags can be of any genre, spiritual/prayer like is NOT essential.  I was thinking more URBAN ART.

Each flag should measure 5 inches x 8 inches. The top inch should be minimally decorated, so if people want to fold it back to make a pocket with which to string it, they can.  There will be 3 layers  to complete the flags.  The one you start is NOT the one you'll get back.  If you want to do more than one please add your name to the list again.  I'll check  the list and mix it up a  bit if I think its necessary.

Please email the person below you on the list for address details etc.

So the plan is:
Month 1:  Cut out flag, 5x8, apply a base layer.  POST  1st March 2013
Month 2:  Embellish/add to the flag you received.  POST 29th MARCH 2013
Month 3:  Add the finishing touches to the flag you received. POST 26th APRIL 2013

Please make the flags WORD free.

Just to confirm 1 sign up means 1 flag.  I've tried to keep this as simple as possible, hope it all makes sense and everyone enjoys taking part.  You know the drill, add your name to the list below.

Lou x

1. Lou aka Poshscot
2. Pam / Psychodiva
3. Sarah (Flo)
4. Pat

Group 2.
1 .Lou aka Poshscot
2. Pat
3. Sam (Luna)
4. Sarah (Flo)


2nd posting 29th March   

Group 1:
Lou - posted 25/3 and 26/3 received from Pat
Pam -  
Sarah -  posted 27/3 and received from Pam 
Pat - posted to Lou 18/April

Group 2:
Lou - posted 25/3 29/3 received from Sarah
Pat -  posted to Sam 18/April
Sam - 
Sarah - posted 27/3 and received from Sami 

Final posting 26/4/13

1. Lou aka Poshscot  rec'd from PAT Thank You
2. Pam / Psychodiva
3. Sarah (Flo) - posted final flag home to Pat 25/4, received from Pam 2/5
4. Pat - posted to Lou  Recd 27/4

Group 2.
1 .Lou aka Poshscot
2. Pat - posted to Sam  recd 27/4
3. Sam (Luna) - posted to Flo, received from Pat
4. Sarah (Flo) - received from Sam, posted final flag home to Lou 25/4


  1. am going to read up on it a bit before signing up formally but I expect I'll do one or two :)

  2. I can't decide fabric is not my strong point and part of me thinks all the more reason to try it while the other bit is already running for the hills. I'll sit on the fence at the moment.

  3. Thats a pity, so many crafting supplies can be used outdoors, and plastic bags ironed together make a great pliable 'fabric'. Hope you change your mind and join us.

  4. My two initial flags are on their way now to Lou and Pat respectively...

  5. I am absolutely delighted with both of my flags - they have exceeded expectations - absolutely fabulous