Monday, 21 January 2013


So here are the two postcards I received with just their backgrounds and these are now the finished product. 

They are now on their travels to their new owners.  

jean xx

These are the postcards as they arrived with Jean, having now completed my postcards that I received I think I know what I would have done different with these two bases - but everything in hindsight!  Thankfully Jean was able to work with the same

Virginia XXX


  1. These are ace Jean - I wonder which one is en route to me?? :) I've asked Virginia to email me the 'before' pics and I will edit them into this post for you once I have them

    1. Hi Sarah

      Only just seen this and not found your e-mail amongst the many I've received (it'll be there somewhere), I've doctored the post so that you can see the originals below Jean's additions. Hope it's OK - if not please feel free to jiggle it around!


  2. Very original, both background and foreground, and they both make me smile, but in different ways. Love to see something so completely unexpected like this.

  3. They look good. It's good seeing the bases and the final cards together.