Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Evening all, well as we all know from the Facebook group (well unless you're not in it in which case this might be news), but we've been discussing the fact that many of the Desert Island CJ's currently doing the rounds aren't really being added to in a collaborative way, and I've been the first to put my hand up and say - "I didn't want to ruin it" but in keeping with the collaborative spirit I've bitten the bullet with Karen's journal (being brave obviously) and set to adding to the three pieces already contained therein as well as creating my own.

So here goes, fingers crossed Karen will actually like the additions

This is how I received the layout and whilst Karen was mighty dismissive in her original post I loved it!  My worry was adding to it (this is the fingers crossed bit)

Here is the layout following my 'alterations' - yes I know they are subtle, I've added a tissue paper stamped heart and cross on the upper left and bottom right (half a heart each side).
I've add a stamped Midsummer Night's dream stamp over the top of it, not that you can read the words I just like the swirly writing!
 And I've added two metal crosses to the bottom of the page on the lace.
 Next up Sian's page which is lovely and again I wondered how I could add to it!
I've added some clear stamping around the edge and the heat from the heat gun has brought out the additional inks that have been added on it's travels as you can see.  Apologies for the poor lighting - it's late but I wanted to get the post done!
 Up close you can see the enhanced inking and the embossing around the edge, fingers crossed Sian likes the additions and Karen likes how the journal is progressing.
Next up the fabulous layout from Pat as it was received, already a gorgeous piece of art in it's own right
 And the finished item (again apologies for the darkness of the photo!)  By now I was getting braver, so I added three pink eyelets to the left hand side, threaded with organza ribbon, then threaded some gold wire through and some gold beadwork!

Then I added some gold mica to the roses on the top left and bottom right
 And finally added some glossy accents
 to both roses.
And then we come to my addition, of the tracks in the journal this is the one that has a personal connection for me too which is why I chose it.  I've intentionally left mine 'simple' to help with any future additions as the journal goes on it's travels and as it's off to Donna next I know she will love adding to this one!

The layout overall, double gelli print pulled background, foam stamps for the title, hand cut symbol, clear embossing music stamp on the symbol, tissue paper top left and bottom right and stamped image top right and bottom left corner.
 Up close the music stamping
 Up close tissue paper and gelli-print
 And finally the stamping on the edges.
I must admit I had great fun with this journal today and intend next month on working on the 'done' layouts as soon as it's received so I can add to them as I go along whilst considering what I'll create in addition.

I hope you like it Karen and I hope all the contributors up to now feel I've 'added' to the journal!


  1. I love it :D I love all the ones chosen so far and the added bits are great too. Thanks everyone x

  2. whoop whoop collaborative artist at work well done V

  3. Brilliant! Both your own page and the additions. I especially love the clear embossing around Sian's page. perfect!

  4. Looks good. Let the Collaboration begin in earnest now.

  5. great examples - definitely added interest

  6. I can imagine how scary it is adding to the others but they are fabulous. Loving the thought of seeing future additions now. Everyone is talking about these hello plates and must admit I don't fully 'get' what they do but I love that page. I'll have to investigate.

  7. Beautiful! I love your purple rain page and the use of a Gelli print and all the little bits you have added look great. It is really scary to add to other peoples work but once you have taken that first step it is such fun!!

  8. All gorgeous both before and after additions.

  9. Virginia your work is fabulous! I love all the additions you've made and your own entry is stunning! :)

  10. Fabulous page Virginia, and great additions to the ones before. I must try to be brave and add to the next pages I get - gulp!