Thursday, 24 January 2013

Desert Island Disc - CJ Pages for Pat and Sian

I received the two journals for Pat and Sian 
at the same time and having now completed 
pages in both of them, have today sent them
onto Pam.

First up is the page for Pat.
'Isn't She Lovely' is the song I chose.
I did a bit of spraying, inking, doodling
and masking.
The central heart is cut from a book page
and Mod Podged to give it a bit of strength.
The words are stamped onto seam binding.
Hope Pat likes it - by the way Pat, I love your
cover for the journal - and if I remember rightly,
it was made from the leather scraps I sent you
in the mystery parcel?  What a brill idea, love what you did!

This next one is for Sian.
I chose a song called 'Cut' which I'd never
heard of before.

I found an image on google of a couple arm in arm
which I cut out and used as a stencil/mask.
The cuts on the arm were made with an versamark
pen then heat embossed.

 My interpretation is for both Sian and her husband
and I hope you like it Sian x


  1. Oh fabulous entries to both journals love them!

  2. Very unusual, both of them. I feel like a collage beginner with all you talented people - but I enjoy seeing everyone's work.

  3. fantastic pages, I especially love the one you have done in Sian's book

  4. yes I do like it and yes I've used the leather you sent me on my book :)

  5. LOVE your stencil mask - hauntingly beautiful, I think you dealt with a very difficult subject magnificently, and I really like your idea of using the seam binding to 'label' the piece for Pat, Brilliabt,

  6. Fantastic pages, especially the ones for Sian.

  7. Oh Sherry, I actually filled up when I saw this entry. It's beautiful and thank you so much for taking something so personal to me and making something so amazing - it really is perfect!!! I wondered how people would manage to interpret my songs because they have such personal and sometimes difficult meanings for me behind them but so far you have all been phenomenal xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Sherry, your pages are gorgeus. Love the faces on the first one but i especially love the one for Sian, very emotive and beautiful x

  9. Thanks everyone and Sian, I'm so glad you like it xxxxx